Sweet Annie's Ice Creams

In the summer of 2016, Jeff Shine, owner of Mill Valley Swirl, went to ice cream making school to learn the art of churning fresh cream and sourcing premium ingredients to bring back the old school ice cream flavors he grew up with.  Feeling like so many of the trendy ice cream spots were catering to adults instead of the fun flavors he love the most, Jeff felt it was time to "kick it old school" and bring back the basics.

The 2016 holiday season marks the launch of his limited edition, small batch, basics.  The intent of our seasonal selection is to mark the homecoming of the holidays and to celebrate what matters most -  friends, family, creating new memories and celebrating tradition.

Our seasonal selection is meant to pair with your traditional holiday desserts or enjoy on their own.

Wishing you great memories, filled with love, this holiday season and always!