5 Awesome Marin Spots to Throw Your Child's Birthday Party

Swirl has always been the place for every day celebrations - the first day of school, a lost tooth, a visit from grandma or just the sun being out!  But birthdays, of course, have always been the biggest day to celebrate so we thought we'd round up 5 of our favorite Marin spots to celebrate your child's party. These stellar kids party venues have it all - from arts & crafts soirees to sporty birthdays to nature-themed birthdays.

  1. Mill Valley Potters Studio

Is your child an artist? During a two-hour period, Mill Valley Potter’s studio allows your child to paint or create ceramic art. Different types of parties will depend upon the age of your child.

  1. Lindsay Wildlife Experience

If your child is an animal lover, they will freak out over this party. Your child and their guests will meet live animals, learn fun facts, and explore the exhibit hall. Make sure to schedule this epic adventure 4 weeks in advance!

  1. The Cave

The Cave is perfect for children of all ages! The kids will have crazy fun playing on a giant padded playground and partaking in activities directed by coaches. The Cave also provides a variety of activities and themes to choose from.

  1. The Dojo

Have yourself a karate kid? The Dojo offers birthday parties that provide a combination of games and karate. This will be a blast for both beginners and existing martial arts students.

  1. RoCo Dance Parties

What’s a birthday party without dancing? RoCo offers creative, educational, and fun dance parties for all ages!

What About Cake!?

You can’t have a birthday party without a cake! All venues will allow you to bring a birthday cake and decorations. We would love to play a part in your child’s celebration, have your child and their friends cool off with a delicious homemade Mill Valley Swirl ice cream cake. We make all our cakes with Sweet Annie’s homemade ice cream. You can customize and order your cake online for pick-up. We also offer fun decorative birthday cake toppers!